Digital Security For Payments Using The Power Of Biometrics

Secure Money

Secure Digital Money lowers RISK.

Card to Card Transfer
Securely transfer money from your card to another card anywhere in the world over the internet. Using the USB adaptor that comes with your SmartMetric card you simply slide your card into the adaptor and your SmartMetric card is now ready to receive and send money safely and securely over the internet. The SmartMetric card is now your own private money wire service allowing you to transfer funds from your bank account onto the card. Once your money is deposited into your card only you can unlock these funds. Sending money electronically has never been easier. With the SmartMetric money interface software you simply type in the amount of money you now wish to send and the receiver's individual card ID. Next time the receiver connects his or her card to their computer the funds are automatically sent from your card and deposited onto the receiver's card. He or she can now take their card to an ATM machine and convert the funds on their card into cash. Easy to use and completely safe. Using advanced biometric technology only your fingerprint can access the money stored inside your card. And when you send money to another person's card only their fingerprint can activate their card to receive the money. All this without having to pay the high cost of wire transfer fees charged by financial institutions and better yet, the funds transfer to another card holder is instantaneous.

Digital Cash on Card
The SmartDATATEL card is also a Secure Digital Bank with funds for payments digitally transferred via real money stored on the SmartMetric biometric card, allowing for real time payments and funds transfer from mobile phones, other wireless devices and desk top computers. The Secure Digital Bank can be used for micro payments (payments under $2.00) for goods and services such as digital music sound tracks, news and information content and various low priced net based goods and services. Also for automatic digital form filling using wireless or dial up devices and computers from customer information stored on the SmartMetric biometric card. Digital Rights Management and content payments are managed directly from encrypted data stored on the SmartMetric biometric access card. Digital Cash Smartcards using the SmartMetric technology implement protocols allow for digital cash to be carried around on a smartcard. In these systems, the underlying keys that secure the architecture never leave the security perimeter of the biometric protected smart card. Mondex, VisaCash, EMV (Europay-Mastercard-Visa) are examples of digital cash protocols designed for use with smartcards.

Stored Value
Transferring funds electronically has never been safer. From the encrypted safety of your SmartDatatel card, real money can be stored and transferred securely and immediately from your computer. The SmartMetric card is your very own secure and portable money wiring service for use anywhere in the world. The stored money is safe on the card because only your fingerprint is the key to unlock the funds.

Pay Cash Online
The newest most revolutionary way to safely purchase online. Not only can you store money on your SmartDATATEL Card, you can pay with cash stored on your card over the internet. Secure, fast and easy!

Secure Buying Online
Stored on your SmartDATATEL Biometric Card is your credit card information, securely waiting for your fingerprint to access. Buying online has never been easier. No more worries about stolen cards or hacking. The credit card information stays on the card and is only transmitted over the internet when you touch the fingerprint pad.

SmartDATATEL uses the the SmartMetric, Inc. in-card fingerprint recognition biometric card