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SmartDATATEL, Inc. is registered in the State of Nevada. Although based in the United States, it manufactures in Argentina and South-East Asia while research and development is done in Palo Alto and Tel-Aviv. SmartMetric’s sales division is located in Melbourne, Australia.

Hardware and software engineering is done internally thus providing SmartDATATEL with the capability of delivering enterprise-class products in a timely basis. The mass production of its fingerprint activated cards is done in Argentina and Israel.

The routing and manufacturing of its silicon components for memory chips and processing units are done under the close supervision of highly-trained professionals. SmartDATATEL's silicon manufacturing processes employ the latest techniques in miniature-sized memory and processor components production, allowing the company to provide a fully functional computer for instant fingerprint recognition embedded in credit card sized devices.

SmartDATATEL strives to build an ever-growing base of clients and partners around the world. 

Making the most impact using Biometrics
Europe, Asia and emerging growth markets like Brazil in Latin America have all adopted Banking and Credit Cards with a microchip on the cards surface. The purpose of the Micro Chip is to store the customer banking information that is normally stored on a magnetic stripe inside the memory of the cards surface mounted microchip.

Our goal is to provide a greater level of security then the easy to read mag stripe on cards to foil card thieves in stealing the card information to gain access to a person's account. The banking standard for the operation of these chip cards is called EMV. EMV is a standard developed by the major credit card companies and is an acronym for Europay, MasterCard and Visa.  However the weak link in EMV card technology is its reliance on PIN's.  

SmartDATATEL replaces the reliance on PIN numbers with a persons fingerprint that is stored inside the persons card. With a built in fingerprint scanner inside the persons card that is used to scan the card owners fingerprint when they go to use the card, the users card is only activated for use after a successful fingerprint match occurs.   If its is not the card owner then the card will not work.  And a card owners fingerprint is kept safe since it never leaves the card and does not travel across networks or stored on a central computer.

Online ID Protection
Stored inside your card is a fingerprint reader. On the surface of the card is the world's smallest fingerprint reader. Simply touching the surface of the card activates the card allowing you to now securely buy online. Your sensitive information, such as credit card number, billing address and shipping address is stored inside the card. Only your fingerprint can unlock this information. Use the SmartMetric card to securely log onto your computer or to buy safely online. Not only is the technology reliable, but it simplifies the entire process of identity authentication since no central fingerprint database is required. Everything that's needed is on the card itself.


Emergency Medical Records
Records and medical imaging data is stored inside the card which can easily fit inside your wallet. SmartMetric's card technology can be made available to health insurance companies to store their client's medical records.

Contact Card
 Cards using SmartMetric fingerprint sensing technology can be deployed in two forms: a contact card suitable for use in smart card readers, ATM machines and other situations where the card is inserted in a reader or at home on your notebook computer to safely buy online.

Contactless Card
 Contactless cards employing RF (radio frequency) signaling are perfect for use in building lobbies, schools and other locations where fast throughput of individuals is desirable. The contactless version can also be used within wireless networks to establish identity before logging on to computer networks.

Secure Checkout
Now you can buy online with confidence. All your personal information is stored on the card, not on a central database. You are protected from hackers because only you can unlock the information. Only after your fingerprint verifies you as the user is the information released and transmitted. No more typing credit card information into a computer keyboard, no more passwords to memorize. You are the key allowing you to purchase items online faster, easier and more securely than ever before.


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