Today's digital world is full of dangers.  Identity theft, online snooping, computer hacking is now common place. 

SmartDATATEL brings the power of advanced biometric technology to the aid of the individual and business alike. 

Advanced opt-in advertising that protects the user from online snooping to biometric fingerprint activated smart cards that protect against identity theft and computer hackers.   

Keeping a person safe using biometric technology is the focus of SmartDATATEL.

Using Biometric fingerprint recognition technology from SmartMetric, Inc. SmartDATATEL has developed a one biometric card with multiple card functions in a single card platform that uses a persons fingerprint to verify, activate and authenticate the card. 

The biometric card holds inside, any number of a persons credit card or debit cards details in secure internal card memory and uses the card owners fingerprint to activate and authorize card online transactions.  If it's not the card owner than the card will not work.   If it is the card owner, than he or she is able to simply, safely and securely make an online transaction from any one of the multiple real life payments cards stored inside the SmartDATAEL biometric electronic wallet.

The SmartDATATEL biometric digital wallet is capable of also being a stored value card that can be used to store cash for paying online or even sending money from card owner to another card owner.  Real time, real money, sent digitally or retrieved at any ATM worldwide.  And all with the unique security of in-card biometrics


Definition of:digital wallet
Software that is the electronic equivalent of a wallet for e-commerce transactions. Digital wallets hold a user's personal information and credit card data and eliminate the need to enter them each time a purchase is made at a Web site. The wallet data may reside in the user's computer or mobile device, or on the servers of the wallet service. When stored in the user's device, the data are encrypted, and the wallet contains a digital certificate that identifies the authorized cardholder.  In the case of the SmartDATATEL wallet, the data is stored in the memory chip of the physical card.

A digital wallet application may store additional data such as insurance and loyalty cards, drivers' licenses, ID cards and Web site passwords. 

Individual Merchant Wallets
A digital wallet emulates the plastic cards in a physical wallet by being able to make a purchase either on Web sites that are part of the service or by transferring the required data to the order form on any e-commerce site. 

SmartMetric, Inc. is a technology partner of SmartDATATEL, Inc.


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